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My First Picture Book of Boating Words is a unique boating book for kids.

It's a fun way to give children a vocabulary of things commonly seen on boats and the water. Each page contains color photos of boating items along with the name of each item below it. Some of the photos in this 24 page book include: powerboat, sailboat, dinghy, life jacket, lighthouse, seagull, marina, harbor, anchor etc. It covers powerboats and sailboats as well as fishing and other water related items. The book was created by a boater and is designed for both boaters and non boaters who enjoy the beauty of the water.

First Edition. Copyright 2007 Little Harbor Publishing.

Color, 24 pages

Author Nicholas J. Agro

ISBN 978-0-9801512-0-6

Cover price $9.95

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What people are saying about our book:

  • Flipping through this book I was pleasantly surprised to see how well organized and designed this book is. It is the perfect book for teaching children about boating and life on the water. Each item has a nice, full color photo along with associated text, making it simple to teach your kid what specific items associated with boating look like and are called. -- See the full book review at Great New Books
  • One of my daughter’s favorite books is “My First Picture Book of Boating Words”. We read the book all the time before bed. Captain Chris at Discover Boating.com
  • Commander Bob recommends this outstanding picture book for children! The book contains a series of quality photos of boating related objects...perfect for teaching your children the names of parts of a boat and terms used in and around boating. Commander Bob's Boating Safety Notebook
  • The 24-page book features vibrant color photographs of important marine objects that are accompanied by their names. Why shouldn't "dinghy" and "nun buoy" be among your kid's first words? -- See the online version of the magazine article at Power & Motoryacht Magazine
  • My 4 year old nephew loves to go boating with me and this book was perfect. It taught him basic boating words by using fun pictures. He now knows his bow from his stern, and cheerfully warns me to watch out for that buoy. I haven't seen another book like it. If you have a little Captain in the house, this book would be perfect to prepare him for next summer's boating season! I highly recommend My First Picture Book of Boating Words to all boating dads and moms amazon.com customer review