Imagine That!

by Melissa Cavanaugh

Every child has a treasured-filled imagination that is just waiting to be unlocked inside of them. Imagine That! allows children's imagination to run wild! After a fun, rhyming chorus, the magical treasure chest opens and takes children to faraway places. Parents will enjoy reading the book to their children and emergent readers will enjoy reading it themselves. The story is complemented by beautiful illustrations which help spark children's excitement and imagination. All this while promoting phonemic awareness! The author, Melissa Cavanaugh is an elementary school teacher. She developed the concept for the book based on years of teaching and understanding how children engage in emergent reading skills. In addition to being a perfect book for parents to read with their child, it is designed to be a classroom resource for teachers. It is intended to teach the following English Language Arts (ELA) skills: a. Demonstrate an emerging understanding of spoken words, syllables and sounds (phonemes). b. Engage in language play (rhyming and sound patterns). c. Recognize and match words that rhyme. In addition, it facilitates children to explore the genres of fantasy and poetry. In the classroom, children will become engaged by the rhyming chorus, which repeats several times throughout the story, giving the opportunity for children to shout excitedly as they read along with the teacher. Imagine That! takes children on a journey to magical places including the Ocean, the Jungle, and even Outer Space! Where would you choose to travel if you opened up the magical treasure chest?


What people are saying about the book:

  • As a Grandmother I thought this book was so much fun to read with my grandson. I love books that bring your child into the story and engage them. This is a great gift to give to a child in your life!
  • It is obvious that the author knows how to engage a child's imagination. My children love this fun and colorful book. A terrific Christmas gift idea and great price point
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    ISBN: 978-0980151220

    Paperback, 20 pages