For Goodness Sake It's Max and Jake, We Want to Say Hello to You!

by Myra Allen, M.S.

Meet Max and Jake! These two adorable Staffordshire Terriers go on all sorts of adventures exploring the world both near and far. Children, their parents and teachers are invited to come along with them around the neighborhood and around the globe building language, vocabulary and thinking skills. Developed by Myra Allen, M.S., a Speech Language Pathologist and Special Education Teacher with more than 30 years of experience, the books in the Max and Jake series present the opportunity for vocabulary expansion, language expression, and problem solving through simple questions posed by the dogs. This format provides adults with a method of engaging children in discussions and discovery while reading together and enjoying the pictures of Max and Jake. Older children are excited to read the tales by themselves, and additional activities are tagged on to the end of each story, so the skills can be practiced long after the story is over. While disguised as playful adventure books for kids, the Max and Jake series is an engaging tool that helps build and reinforce the essential skills which contribute to successful reading and learning. By the end of the first story, your child and Max and Jake will be good friends who have great fun while learning together...let's go!


Companion book on the way:

  • The author, Myra Allen is currently working on a companion workbook to be released soon.
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    ISBN: 978-0-9801512-3-7

    Paperback, 24 pages